November 22, 2018


Inviting Financial Services Technology Leaders to join as Vice President-Americas in just
six months since its set-up,
Intain has put into production, eMulya, a platform for
asset securitisation combining AI and Blockchain. Enabled by a pioneering
approach to building blockchain at scale (
https://bit.ly/2N2UGZr )
along with a strong AI lab with dedicated teams in
Computer Vision, NLP and Data Science, Intain is working on addressing the Efficiency-Risk
Management trade-off across financial services.

Based on interest from financial institutions in the US, Intain is now looking for a
#Blockchain #Evangelist to spearhead its US foray . Ideal candidate will
be a financial services technology leader who can lead engagements from ideation to
execution, across platforms and projects. #leadership #financialservices
Selected candidate will be part of the #Management Committee of Intain
comprising of CEO, COO, CTO and Heads of Finance and HR, and would be covered under the
leadership stock option plan.

If interested, please contact HR at hr@intainft.com