Benefits of IN-D

Time & Location Agnostic


Low Cost

IN-D facilitates a 2 minute loan even for those without a Credit Rating

All loan application documentation – identity or income related - is read by IN-D at the point of application, sending it to IN-D’s Underwriting engine or Lenders’ Underwriters.

IN-D’s Underwriting module uses Deep Learning to evaluate a loan application based on a large set of variables, learnt from actual outcomes of loans and free from any bias, and provides a likely outcome of the loan for the Lender decide.


Smart document processing and underwriting

Document to Data

IN-D extracts data from structured (IDs, Account Statements, Annual Reports) or Unstructured (Contracts, Transcripts) documents.

Data Processing at source, so no need to lose time in interaction with back office operations.

IN-D combines image processing, computer vision and Natural Language Processing so not constrained by templates and has ability to process document images of varying quality.

Data to Decision

Analyze and extract historical pattern from the data automatically for better classification.

An explainable AI, which may advice users with the facts that it has considered for a machine decision (AI no longer a black box).

Through active learning, It's IN-D keeps improving it decision making accuracy.

IN-D Accounts Payable

Automate Invoice Processing with IN-D

Deep Learning to ensure data extraction from invoices irrespective of templates. Seamless integration with existing workflow Reduction in errors and at least 50% improvement in productivity.

Automate Expense Reimbursements using IN-D

Now, scanned receipts don’t have to travel from US and Europe to back offices thousands of miles away while employees wait only to get a query the following day, for a 24-48 hour cycle to start again.

With a picture taken on the mobile or a scan, IN-D extracts the data and matches with the business rules (or connects with existing RPA or BPM product doing that). You have happier employees and reduced costs as 24 hour turnaround is reduced to 10 seconds.