We are a company with the heart of a lab, and there is an explorer in all of us


We design, execute, and sometimes fail, at times all in the same day – our people and products develop together


We work from home and play in the office and life is never a chore

Meet the explorers

Since Newton already discovered gravity in 1687, Einstein propounded the theory of relativity in 1905, and we are not on course to discovering cure to cancer, we are humble about our research and product development. This humility makes us sincere and work hard towards the small problems that we are trying to solve with our products. Our products are smart, we don’t act like that.. Our offices are fun but not fancy…many traits that you will find in our explorers

Join the explorers

AI / Data Science

Our AI Engineers cover areas like ML, NLP and Data Science. They have a Masters or PhD in Computer Science or Mathematics or, in exceptional cases, a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. They have worked on problems ranging from use of Deep Neural Network for smarter grid management to interpreting astronomical images.


Our Blockchain team is using Hyperledger Fabric to eMulya, our intelligent blockchain for loan securitization process. We have a mix of hands on architects and developers, whose prior experience ranges from mobile technologies, Java/J2EE, CC/C++ in Embedded Systems to Cryptography – if you have strong programming skills, you will learn blockchain programming with our mentors.


Our UX/UI designers work closely with customers, colleagues, and development partners to enable users to do business in the most effective and efficient manner. Our designers have a degree in Industrial Design, Product Design, Human Computer Interaction or Computer Science and are comfortable blending usability, visual design and technology.

Product Management

Our Product Management team is the bridge between the lab and the industry. They understand and asses a market need, work with our labs in developing products that meet those needs and then articulate our product offering to the market combining technology, strategy and marketing.


Our Corporate functions like HR and Finance keep the wheels of our organization moving. We seek functional sepcialisation without building bureaucracies.

Internships + Job

We have both “for course credit” and post degree internships for Bachelors, Masters and PhD candidates. Our internships range from three to six months, so we may not be best choice for those looking for a 6 to 8 week summer internship. Most of our internships result in an employment offer with us.